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Anna-Maria Lahesmaa-Korpinen

Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
ClusterFiltering 1.0 fcsDir, in filtered, out Filters columns and/or rows from by clusters using flexible criteria.
CSVListFilter 1.0 clusters, populations filtered, array Filters CSV files in a given folder according to the to extract specific rows given output of AutoGating component.
FlowClustModeling 0.1 fcsDir clusters, report Modeling FACS data using flowClust library.
OptimalClustering 1.0 clusters, clustStat clusters, report The component takes the output of the MMClustering component, where each data sample has been clustered with multiple different cluster numbers, and determines the optimal cluster number for each sample.
SamSpectral 1.1 list, in clusters, out SamSPECTRAL clustering of flow cytometry data as described by Zare et al (2010).

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