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Julia Casado

Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
AnnotateDrugs 1.0 in, annotations out Annotate drug concentrations.
BiclustClusterer 1.0 in rowClusts, colClusts, statistics TODO.
Excel2CSV 1.0 in out Converts a Microsoft Excel sheet to a CSV file.
ExprTableReport 1.0 expr, ref, colLabels, annotation, geneSet, bodyMap table, expressed, document, report

Generates expression statistics into an HTML report.

FCSReader 1.0 in, annotations out, metadata FCSReader imports a FCS file (standards 2.0 and 3.0 supported) and converts it into a tab-delimitted CSV file.
GTFParser 1.0 in out Extracts field contents from a GTF file to output a CSV file.
MicroplateReader 1.0 in, annotations out Reads multiple XLSX files generated by a fluorescence/luminescence reader for a 96 or 384 well plate and converts it into a tab-delimitted CSV file with the correct annotations for each well.
PlotChannels 1.0 in, fs out Component meant to visualize Flow and Mass Cytometry data before and after transformations.
PopulationTimeline 1.0 in out Currently it uses Wanderlust to calculate developmental trajectories within a population of single cell data.
Transformation 1.0 in out Cell fluorescense intensity transformation for FACS data.
TSNE 1.1 in out, entropy This component performs dimensionality reduction with an R wrapper of the C++ implementation of Barnes-Hut-SNE as described in http://lvdmaaten.github.io/tsne/.

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