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Miko Valori

Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
Fiji 1.0 command, table, in1, in2, in3, in4, in5, inArray, file1, file2 out, out2, tableOut Executes a Jython script under Fiji (ImageJ) that generates an image directory from given image directories.
FijiFeatures 1.0 images, mask out Uses Fiji to extract features from input images, segmented with masks.
SegmentFiji 0.1 in mask, perimeter Produces binary mask images, segmenting the input images using Fiji.
VariantAnnotator 0.4 variantQuery, reference calls, log, raw This component is not being actively maintained currently, since Annovar is updated to frequently.
VCF2AnnotatedCSV 1 vcf annotated

A quick and dirty wrapper for ANNOVAR.

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