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Parent category Preprocessing
Description Filters and combiners for files from various array types
Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
CSVFilter 1.1.1 in, aux, includeColumnsFile out Filters columns and/or rows from CSV files using flexible criteria.
GOFilter 1.2 bioAnnotation, in out Filters gene lists based on Gene Ontology annotations.
GOSearch 1.1 bioAnnotation, go hits Filters gene lists based on Gene Ontology annotations.
MarkerCorrelations 1.1 genotypes markerGroups, keyMarkers Combines correlating markers from the SNPMatrices.
QuantileFilter 1.0 in1, in2 out1, out2 Filters values from numeric matrices that are below or above quantile limits.
SampleCombiner 1.0 in, groups out Combines expression data from several samples into one by taking means, medians or log ratios.
SequenceFilter 1.0 sequences selection Filters out nucleotide sequences that do not satisfy the criteria.
TableQuery 1.3 table1, table2, table3, table4, table5, table6, table7, table8, table9, table10, table11, table12, table13, table14, table15, tables, queryFile, columnTypes table Executes an SQL query on CSV tables and creates a result table.
VariationFilter 1.1 in out Filters out rows from a matrix where the standard deviation is below (or above) a threshold.

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