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Parent category Analysis
Description Gene Ontology (GO) tools
Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
GOClustering 1.1.3 goAnnotations, expr, similarityTable report, clusters Clusters genes based on their gene ontology (GO) annotations.
GOEnrichment 1.0.4 goAnnotations, enrichmentTable goTerms, graphBP, graphCC, graphMF Computes enriched GO terms in a set of genes or proteins.
GOFilter 1.2 bioAnnotation, in out Filters gene lists based on Gene Ontology annotations.
GOProbabilityTable 1.0 goAnnotation similarityTable, enrichmentTable Creates custom a priori probability tables for GO similarity and enrichment analysis.
GOSearch 1.1 bioAnnotation, go hits Filters gene lists based on Gene Ontology annotations.
GSEAAnalyzer 1.0 annotation, expr, sampleGroupTable report, ResultTable Performs Gene Set Enrichment Analysis by using category definitions from KEGG or GO.
KorvasieniAnnotator 1.9 sourceKeys, connection bioAnnotation Converts gene, transcription, and translation identifiers using Korvasieni.

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