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Parent category Analysis
Description Graph plots, graph annotation, graph creation
Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
CSV2GraphML 1.0 in out Converts a matrix or CSV representation of a graph to GraphML.
Directed2Undirected 1.0 in out Converts a directed graph into undirected graph.
GraphAnnotator 1.1 graph, graphAttributes, vertexAttributes, edgeAttributes graph, graphAttributes, vertexAttributes, edgeAttributes Inserts or extracts attributes from GraphML files using CSV files.
GraphMetrics 1.0 graph graphMetrics, vertexMetrics Computes various graph metrics for a GraphML file.
GraphSplitter 1.0 in out Splits a graph into subgraphs that are either connected or strongly connected (case of directed graph) components.
GraphVisualizer 1.2 in out Creates a visualization of a graph using Graphviz.
KGML2GraphML 1.0 kgml pathway Converts a KEGG pathway (KGML) to a GraphML file.
TreeSplitter 1.02 tree, nodeAnnotations newTree, splits Splits the leafs of a tree into two sets such that the mutual information between the split and leaf annotations is maximized.
VertexJoin 1.4 in out, joins Simplifies the given graph by merging vertices with an equal set of edges.

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