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Description HTML document creation
Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
HTMLCombiner 0.1 head, body, script, style, headArray, bodyArray, scriptArray, styleArray, subFolder out Combines a HTML page from parts.
HTMLExtractor 0.1 html1, html2, htmlArray head, body, script, style Extracts HTML parts from a site.
HTMLImages 1.0 in, menuChoices, css out Creates a static list of images to a web page.
HTMLReport 1.0 table1, table2, table3, table4, table5, mapping, matrix1, matrix2, matrix3, matrixMapping, images, imageMapping, refs, labels report Visualizes CSV files and their relationships using statically generated HTML files.
HTMLTable 0.7 in, style out Creates an interactive HTML table of input data.
PlotHTML 0.1 data, template plot Creates scatter, line or bar plots where Y and X coordinates come from JSON files.
PlotTreeHTML 1.0 treeStructure, metadata, imageData plot Produces a plot of a tree (or forest) in a html page.
SBML2HTML 1.0 model report Prints the contents of an SBML model as a HTML file.
SimpleWebPage 1.3 in, inArray, content, style, annotation, tableArray out Creates a simple web page, for publishing a list of files.

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