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Image Analysis

Parent category Imaging
Description Components that change the image in to other type of data tables
Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
BlobFeatures 0.1 images, objects, names out reads the blobs found in a directory of images and produces intensity features The component requires that all the columns from ImageBlobDetect are still found in the data file.
ImageLocalMaxima 1.2 in, names mask, centers Finds local maxima centers in a grayscale intensity image.
ImageSummary 1.0 gray, mask, names out Summarises a directory of images, with one line for each image.
IntensityCorrelation 1.0 image1, image2, mask, names out, plot Extracts the intensity correlation features (Co-Localization) from two image channels.
IntensityFeatures 2.3 images, mask, names, masklist edges, out Extracts the intensity features from segmented image mask and gray scale image.
LineFeatures 1.0 lines, images, names out Measure LinkedList segments as objects.
MaskFilter 1.1 inMask, objects, names mask, perimeter Filters mask objects based on the object numbers present in a table.
MaskRelate 1.2 parent, child, names out, overlap Relates objects from two masks defining parents and their children objects.
MorphologyFeatures 2.2 mask, names, masklist out, skeleton Extracts the morphology features from segmented image mask.
ObjectFilter 1.0 mask, objects, names out Filters objects based on the object X,Y coordinates and an overlap with a mask image.
SegmentBlob 0.1 in, names out Segment a directory of images with Gaussian Blob method.
Skeleton2CSV 1.0 in, names out Extracts lines from a skeleton mask.
SkeletonFeatures 1.0 skeleton, images, names out, points Extracts intensity information from a grayscale image, using a skeleton mask.
TextureFeatures 1.0 in, names images, out The component uses VLFeat library to extract SIFT/MSER keypoints and SIFT descriptors from grayscale images.

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