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Image Processing

Parent category Imaging
Description Components that process image contents
Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
BackgroundSubtract 1.1 in, opt out Performs background subtraction for a directory of images with various methods.
BFConvert 1.0 in out Wrapper for the Bioformats command line tool for converting exotic image formats.
BFMetadata 1.0 in raw, ome Wrapper for the Bioformats command line tool for extracting metadata from exotic image formats.
CellProfiler 1.0 pipeline, in1, in2, in3, in4, in5, in6, in7, in8, in9 out1, out2, out3, out4, out5, out6, out7, out8, out9, pipelineDebug Runs a pipeline in CellProfiler, for a folder or several folders of images.
ImageMagick 1.2 ina1, ina2, in1, in2, in, commandFile, f1, f2 out A versatile wrapper for using ImageMagick convert, for folder(s) of images.
MatlabOp 1.2 command, table, in1, in2, in3, in4, in5, inArray, file1, file2 out, out2, tableOut Executes a Matlab script that generates an image directory from given image directories.
MRXSConvert 1.1 in out, label Exports MRXS images in to PNGs, cropping them to small images.
SegmentGraphCut 1.1 in mask, perimeter Segmentation based on graph cutting.
SegmentImage 2.3 in, opt, seed mask, perimeter, numbered, masklist Segments a directory of images with various methods.
SegmentSeeded 1.0 in, seed, colors mask, perimeter, numbered Segments a directory of images with various methods, using a seed (a previous mask helping in refining the segmentation).
ShapeFitting 0.1 images, shape, names limits, location, orientation, scale Fits a user given shape on image data by changing the location, orientation and scale of the shape.
SpiralJoin 1.0 in out Joins grayscale images together in a montage, or splits a montage in to separate images in a spiral fashion.
StackProjection 1.0 in, toMap out, map, mapped Projects a grayscale z-stack to a 2D image.
TextDraw 1.1 images, text, names out Write text on a bitmap image with a small font.
Watershed 2.0 images, seed mask, lines, perimeter Methods to divide objects in a mask, or grayscale images.

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