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Parent category Network Control
Description Input, Output and Pause
Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
ArrayCombiner 1.1 array1, array2, array3, array4, array5, array6, array7, array8, array9, array10, array11, array12, array13, array14, array15, array16, array17, array18, array19, array20 out Combines multiple arrays into one using set operations on array keys.
ArrayConstructor 1.0 file1, file2, file3, file4, file5, file6, file7, file8, file9, file10, file11, file12, file13, file14, file15, file16, file17, file18, file19, file20, file21, file22, file23, file24, file25, file26, file27, file28, file29, file30, file31, file32, file33, file34, file35, file36, file37, file38, file39, file40, file41, file42, file43, file44, file45, file46, file47, file48, file49, file50, file51, file52, file53, file54, file55, file56, file57, file58, file59, file60, file61, file62, file63, file64, file65, file66, file67, file68, file69, file70, file71, file72, file73, file74, file75, file76, file77, file78, file79, file80, file81, file82, file83, file84, file85, file86, file87, file88, file89, file90, file91, file92, file93, file94, file95, file96, file97, file98, file99 out Constructs an array from atomic elements.
ArrayExtractor 1.0 array file1, file2, file3, file4, file5, file6, file7, file8, file9 Extracts elements from an array.
CompareImage 0.3 expected, image Compare images.
CopyOutput 1.1 in Copies any input to a user selected path.
Folder2Array 1.3 folder1, folder2, folder3, folder4, folder5, folder6, folder7, folder8, folder9 out Constructs an array from folder contents.
GUIInput 1.0 template, defaultValues out, saved Asks user for inputs.
INPUT   out Imports an external input file or directory to the pipeline.
OUTPUT   in out Exports a result file or directory to an output directory.
Pause   Halts pipeline execution.
PipelineInput 1.1 name, n Read a previous Anduril pipeline execution folder as an input.
StringInput   out Turns a string into a file usable in the pipeline.
TextFileSplitter 1.0 in out Splits a text file (such as CSV) into an array of smaller text files.
URLInput   out Imports an external input file to a workflow script from a URL source.

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