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Description Generic visualization components
Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
AttributeVisualizer 1.0.1 annotation, matrix report Visualizes multidimensional attributes using a heat map together with a clustering dendrogram.
BoxPlot 1.3.1 in1, in2, in3, groups, dataPoints out Creates box plots for numeric data.
CircosPlot 0.7 data, data2, data3, data4, data5, data6, data7, data8, data9, data10, data11, dataAnnotation, plotAnnotation, links, highlights, plotParams, karyotype circos, ideogram, ticks, plot Draws circos plots from genomic data.
GraphVisualizer 1.2 in out Creates a visualization of a graph using Graphviz.
HistogramPlot 1.1 in, plotAnnotator frequencies, midpoints, out Counts the frequencies and makes a line plot of histogram values.
IlluminaPlot 1.1 in out Produces quality control plots.
InteractionPlot 1.0 interactions, expression, groups plot Plots the distribution of the expression of two genes.
MutationContextPlot 0.1 array, in plot Draws mutation context plots for sequencing samples.
Plot2D 1.0 y, x, labels, plotAnnotator out Creates scatter, line or bar plots where Y and X coordinates come from CSV files.
PlotHTML 0.1 data, template plot Creates scatter, line or bar plots where Y and X coordinates come from JSON files.
PlotTreeHTML 1.0 treeStructure, metadata, imageData plot Produces a plot of a tree (or forest) in a html page.
RiskRatioPlot 1.0 in out Creates a visualization for a list of risk ratios and their confidence intervals.
SpatialPlot 1.4 geneAnnotation, channel1, channel2, logratio report Creates spatial plots for red/green channels, log ratios and spot quality.
VennDiagram 1.1.2 in report, out Draws Venn diagrams showing the intersections of the given sets of identifiers.

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