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Quality Control

Parent category Preprocessing
Description Plots and functions for quality control
Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
BoxPlot 1.3.1 in1, in2, in3, groups, dataPoints out Creates box plots for numeric data.
DuplicateQuality 1.0 expr, geneAnnotation report Estimates microarray chip quality by printing expression distributions for duplicate probes.
ExprMixtureModel 1.4 expr, annot, groups stats, report, samplesets Provides a mixture model fit of two normal distributions for the given genes.
ExtractCond 0.1 exprMatrix, reference table Creates a custom input file defining treatment groups for MDSPlot component using expression matrices and a reference file.
MDSPlot 2.2 expr, groups mdsCoOrdinates, report Plots multidimensional scaling of numeric data.
SpatialContrast 1.0 expr, geneAnnotation report Finds two spatial regions in expression data that have a maximum contrast in average expression value.
SpatialPlot 1.4 geneAnnotation, channel1, channel2, logratio report Creates spatial plots for red/green channels, log ratios and spot quality.

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