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Description Formatting of analysis results for reporting and export.
Child categories
Plot AttributeVisualizer CircosPlot IlluminaPlot RiskRatioPlot SpatialPlot MutationContextPlot BoxPlot GraphVisualizer Plot2D PlotHTML PlotTreeHTML VennDiagram InteractionPlot HistogramPlot
Latex DEGReport ExperimentSetup GeneCount GeneInfo GeneTable IlluminaPlot Logo RConfigurationReport RegionReport SegmentPlot SNPKaplanMeier SpatialPlot BoxPlot ClusterReport CorrelationReport CSV2Latex KaplanMeier LatexAttachment LatexCombiner LatexPDF LatexTemplate MatlabEvaluate MDSPlot Plot2D Properties2Latex REvaluate SourceCode2Latex SyntaxHighlight DocumentGenerator LatexSearchReplace QueryReport
Excel AnnotateDrugs CellGrowthAssay CombinationMatrix ControlsQCs DSRTplots MicroplateReader PlateQCs SignificantCurves CSV2Excel Excel2CSV Excel2Text
HTML HTMLCombiner HTMLExtractor HTMLImages HTMLReport HTMLTable PlotHTML PlotTreeHTML SBML2HTML SimpleWebPage
Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
FolderCleaner 1.2 in, inArray out, outArray Renames a folder of files, by leaving only the last extension.
Pandoc 1.0 in, header, before, after, attachment out Executes Pandoc with user given switches.
SyntaxHighlight 1.1 in HTML, image, latex Reads a program code listing, and creates a syntax highlighted HTML file.

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