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Name Description
Alignment Short read alignment tools.
Analysis Data analysis components.
Classification Data classifiers
Clustering Components that employ clustering based methods
Convert Conversion between data types, CSV set operations
Copy Number Analysis ArrayCGH data analysis
DNA Methylation Components that analyze DNA methylation data.
DEG Fold change, differential expression
Exon Transcript expression analysis
GO Gene Ontology (GO) tools
Graph Graph plots, graph annotation, graph creation
Integration Exon and gene expression data integration with other data
Meap Multiple exon array preprocessing and expression quantification at probeset, exon, spliced variant and gene levels.
Multivariate Statistics Multivariate analysis tools
Pathway Pathway databases, SBML tools
Sequence Motif Sequence motif discovery and analysis
Short-read Sequencing Analysis of sequencing data produced by next-generation sequencing platforms e.g. Illumina/Solexa
SNP SNP analysis
Survival Kaplan-Meier survival estimates and plots
Annotation Tools that enable fetching annotations from external and internal databases.
Assembly De novo assembly of sequencing reads.
CopyNumberAnalysis Copy number analysis tools.
Data Import Data import from platforms such as microarrays.
Affy AffyMetrix SNP, exon and DNA microarrays
Agilent Agilent Array CGH and DNA microarrays
Illumina Illumina microarrays
Expression Gene expression analysis tools.
FlowCytometry Data analysis components.
FACSClustering Methods for clustering flow cytometry data.
FACSPreprocessing Preprocessing methods for flow cytometry data.
FACSFilter Filtering methods for flow cytometry data.
FACSReporting Report results.
FACSSummary Summarize intensities across patients.
Imaging Components related to imaging, image analysis and image processing.
Image Analysis Components that change the image in to other type of data tables
Image Processing Components that process image contents
Image Generation Components that generate image content
Image Transformation Components that transforms between image formats
Data Analysis Components that analyze data with imaging / geometry related semantics
Image Visualization Components that combine several images or data with images.
Network Control Flow control of Anduril networks.
Internal Input, Output and Pause
Testing System testing
External Invoke scripts or commands outside of Anduril runtime environment
Preprocessing Imported data is filtered, normalized and checked against quality controls.
Normalization Different normalization components and methods
Quality Control Plots and functions for quality control
Filter Filters and combiners for files from various array types
Quality control Short reads quality control.
Reporting Formatting of analysis results for reporting and export.
Plot Generic visualization components
Latex Latex manipulation and output
Excel Microsoft excel file format
HTML HTML document creation
smallRNA Components related to miRNAs, ncRNAs, and the processing and analysis of small size-selected sequenced reads (less than 2kb).
Novel smallRNA Components that identify and analyze putative novel miRNAs and other smallRNAs.
VariationAnalysis Genetic variation analysis tools.

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