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Transform arrays by removing elements, renaming keys or sorting the elements.

The transformations are done in the aforementioned order by defining Python code snippets. The snippets can contain following variables:

Variable Explanation
key the string containing the key to the original array element
index the row number in the original array file, starting from 0
new_index the row number in the output array, again starting from 0
filename the name of the file the element in the array points to
path path to the file that the element in the array points to

Version 1.0
Bundle builtin
Specialties generic
Authors Mikko Kivelä (bolozna@gmail.com)
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Requires Python
Source files component.xml arrayTransformer.py
Usage Example with default values

Type parameters (generics)


Name Type Mandatory Description
in Array<T> (generic) Mandatory The original array
aux BinaryFile Optional Auxiliary data


Name Type Description
out Array<T> (generic) The transformed array


Name Type Default Description
order string "index" A Python script snippet giving a value which is used to order the elements in the array. The default value keeps the original order. Small values come first in the array.
preprocess string "" A Python script which is executed before the tranformation process begins. All the variables defined in this script can be used later in remove, rename and order parameters.
remove string "False" A Python script snippet to decide if the element in the array should be removed. The value of the snippet should take value True if the element is removed and False otherwise. With the default value nothing is removed. Note that the new_index variable has the value for the index that the element would have if it is not removed
rename string "key" A Python script snippet giving a key, or name, for the array element. The default value keeps the old key.

Test cases

Test case Parameters IN
case1_renaming properties in (missing) out


case2_sorting properties in (missing) out


case3_removing properties in (missing) out


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