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Plots the inhibition curves for each screening experiments, combine plots for different pretreatment times and computes the scores indicating the efficacy of each drug.

Version 1.0
Bundle dsrt
Categories Preprocessing Excel
Authors Chiara Facciotto (chiara.facciotto@helsinki.fi)
Requires R ; xlsx (R-package)
Source files component.xml DSRTplots.r
Usage Example with default values


Name Type Mandatory Description
in CSV Mandatory Array of CSV with the measurements from each plate.
annotations CSV Mandatory File containing all drugs used in the experiment and the classes they belong to.


Name Type Description
out Array<CSV> Array of CSV containg the list of drugs and the related scores used to evaluate the efficacy of each drug
normalized Array<CSV> Array of CSV with the normalized measurements from each plate.
plots BinaryFolder Folder containing inhibition plots.
combined BinaryFolder Folder containing inhibition plots of all pretreatment times.
scores BinaryFolder Folder containing bar plots representing the absolute score of each drug.


Name Type Default Description
activityThr int 20 Minimium inhibition that a drug needs to reach in order to be considered active.
combine boolean true Parameter indicating whether or not to combine all curves into one single plot
neg string "DMSO" Name of the negative control.
pos string "BzCl" Name of the positive control.

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