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Take the union of and collapse 2 datasets, with the option to filter out rows with NAs. If the parameter for filtering dataset columns for NAs (ColumnsNotNA) has a value, the component will automatically output both a filtered and non-filtered dataset. Otherwise, no filtering will be performed and only one dataset produced.

Version 1.0
Bundle sequencing
Categories Integration smallRNA
Authors Katherine Icay (katherine.icay@helsinki.fi)
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Requires R
Source files component.xml function.scala
Usage Example with default values


Name Type Mandatory Description
annot1 CSV Mandatory Dataset to merge and collapse.
annot2 CSV Mandatory Dataset to merge and collapse.


Name Type Description
annot CSV Union of datasets with selected columns collapsed.


Name Type Default Description
ColumnsNotNA string "" Columns in either dataset that should be filtered for NA values. If empty, no filtering will be performed.
ColumnsNum int 1 Minimum number of ColumnsNotNA that should not have NA values to keep a row.
collapseBy string "" Comma-separated list of columns to collapse if all other column values in multiple rows are equal. These values can overlap with ColumnsNotNA values, as the filtering step happens before collapsing. If left empty, no collapsing of rows will occur.
pairedKeys string "" Comma-seperated list of columns with non-matching names to merge between datasets. By default, the component will merge all columns with matching column names and any column pairs of this parameter. The format is strictly column(annot1)=column(annot2).

Test cases

Test case Parameters IN
case1 properties annot1 annot2 annot


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