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Converts a Microsoft Excel sheet to a CSV file.

Version 1.0
Bundle tools
Categories Convert Excel
Authors Julia Casado (julia.casado@helsinki.fi)
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Requires R ; xlsx (R-package)
Source files component.xml Excel2CSV.R
Usage Example with default values


Name Type Mandatory Description
in Excel or Array<Excel> Mandatory An Excel (.xls or .xlsx) file or array of Excel files


Name Type Description
out CSVList Folder containing the CSV file/s corresponding to the specified sheet of the input XLSX file/s.


Name Type Default Description
header boolean true Indicate whether the first row contains the column names.
onlyCompleteRows boolean false If false, filters out rows with missing values.
sheet string "1" Number or name of sheet to extract, starts couting from 1.

Test cases

Test case Parameters IN
filter_NA properties in out

sheet = Descriptive name,
onlyCompleteRows = true

old_xls properties in out

sheet = Descriptive name

read_array (missing) in out
sheet_with_no_header properties in out

sheet = 2,
header = false

simple_case properties in out


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