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Asks user for inputs. The output Array can be used for reading in parameters as well.

Version 1.0
Bundle builtin
Categories Internal
Specialties generic
Authors Ville Rantanen (ville.rantanen@helsinki.fi)
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Requires python-easygui (DEB)
Source files component.xml guiinput.py
Usage Example with default values

Type parameters (generics)


Name Type Mandatory Description
template TextFile Mandatory Template for GUI
defaultValues TextFile Optional Saved values from earlier execution


Name Type Description
out Array<T> (generic) User given values
saved TextFile User given values as a TextFile


Name Type Default Description
defaultPath string "" Folder that file/dir dialogs display first. If empty, start at the pipeline folder. Path may be relative to the pipeline folder.
skipDefaults boolean false Skip asking a value, if default given in defaultValues.
title string "Anduril GUI Input" Title of the dialogs.

Test network

Display TestNetwork
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