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Creates a web gallery from given folders of images and optional annotation CSV files. Files not recognized as images are listed as attachments.

You can search for an image in a single folder by adding ?q=[search_term] at the end of the url, e.g. "gallery/index.html?q=anduril". A position in the image list can be queried with ?p=[number].

Use the keyboard arrows to navigate. When shift+arrow keys are pressed, the thumbnails are shifted. Home and End keys show the first and last image. 'x' key starts a list of files, that may then be copied for other uses.

The input folder(s) can be full folder structure(s) with any depth - the component will create a gallery with the subfolders as sub-galleries. The subfolders can have the descriptions.csv files for annotations. The first column is always the file name and the second is the annotation text.

The medium and thumbnail folders follow a structure where "file.png" will have a medium sized version at path "_med/med_file.png.jpg" and the thumbnail at path "_tn/tn_file.png.jpg". The extra "jpg" will always be added. If the medium file or thumbnail already exists, it will not be regenerated.

The Qalbum.py script can be called from the command line to create a web gallery of existing images.

Version 2.0
Bundle anima
Authors Ville Rantanen (ville.rantanen@helsinki.fi)
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Requires python ; Qalbum ; imagemagick (DEB) ; librsvg2-bin (DEB) ; python-configobj (DEB) ; installer (bash)
Source files component.xml albumstarter.py
Usage Example with default values


Name Type Mandatory Description
inArray Array<BinaryFolder> Optional An array of folders of image files (jpg/png/gif/tif/svg/pdf). Array keys are used as the titles.
inRoot BinaryFolder Optional A folder of image files (jpg/png/gif/tif/svg/pdf).
csvRoot CSV Optional A CSV file for annotating the images.
csvArray Array<CSV> Optional CSV files for annotating the images in the inArray input.
infoRoot TextFile Optional A text/HTML snippet for introduction.
style TextFile Optional A CSS file that replaces the default CSS provided by Qalbum.


Name Type Description
out HTML A web gallery of images


Name Type Default Description
annotationCol string "" Column name of annotations.
fileCol string "File" Column name of file names in CSV files.
gravity string "Center" Gravity of thumbnails: Center, North, West, SouthEast, etc...
includeZip boolean false Include a zip file with the contents of the gallery (with thumbnails and HTML).
mediumLink boolean false Medium size images are symbolic links instead of rescaled JPEGs. Note, that this may result in image format mismatch.
parent string "" Add a ../parent link to point out from the gallery. If the string starts with http:// it is considered as a static URL, otherwise the relative parent path is assumed.
sortReverse boolean false Sort files in reverse order
sortTime boolean false Sort files in file modification order
title string "Gallery" Title of Root folder
width int 1680 Width of medium size images

Test cases

Test case Parameters IN
case1_simple properties inArray (missing) (missing) csvArray (missing) (missing) (missing)


case2_multiple properties inArray (missing) (missing) csvArray (missing) (missing) (missing)


case3_attachments properties inArray inRoot (missing) (missing) (missing) (missing) (missing)

title=Sample Gallery

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