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Joins grayscale images together with colors of choice. The input may also be RGB image, which is passed through unaltered if the color variable is "W" (default). Color definition for RGB images will select the color in question from the image. You can use letters R,G,B,C,M,Y,W,K(=invisible), wavelength 350-750, or a hexadecimal RGB value (e.g. F0AC9B). In addition, the color may be defined as a colormap (or heatmap), using the syntax "colormap:value", where the colormap value is one of the following: autumn,bone,colorcube,cool,copper,flag,hot,hsv,jet,pink,prism,spring,summer,winter

Matlab colormaps
Color parameter visual chooser


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Version 1.2
Bundle anima
Categories Image Visualization
Authors Ville Rantanen (ville.rantanen@helsinki.fi)
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Requires Matlab
Source files component.xml imagergbmerge.m wavelengthtorgb.m execute.m
Usage Example with default values


Name Type Mandatory Description
in Array<ImageList> Mandatory An array of directories with image files.


Name Type Description
out ImageList RGB PNG images.


Name Type Default Description
colors string (no default) Comma separated list of colors to colorify array inputs.
format string "png" Extension of the file format. May be any Matlab file format (jpg,gif,bmp,tif,png).
stretch boolean false Stretch the contrast of the images to maximum. Note, intensities will not be comparable anymore!

Test cases

Test case Parameters IN
case1 properties in out


case3_color_input properties in out


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