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Simulate a Modelica model by executing a compiled model. The model must have been compiled first using ModelicaCompiler. Model parameters can be assigned before simulation (the Modelica keyword parameter), as can simulation parameters.

This component has been tested on Linux and OpenModelica 1.5.

Version 0.5
Bundle tools
Categories Pathway
Authors Kristian Ovaska (kristian.ovaska@helsinki.fi)
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Source files component.xml
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Name Type Mandatory Description
binaryModel Modelica Mandatory Compiled model in binary format. Must contain a config.ini files which specifies names of the executable, parameters file and results file.
parameters AnnotationTable Optional Optionally, contains values for model parameters. The first column gives the parameter name, and the column specified by parameterColumn gives the value. Parameter names are fully qualified, e.g., "abc.xyz.par". Boolean parameters have values true or false.


Name Type Description
timepoints CSV Results of the simulation as a table of time points. The first column (time) gives the time, and other columns give values of variables at the time point.


Name Type Default Description
digits int -1 Number of digits in the result, or -1 for all available digits. If several time points differ by less that 10^-digits, they are combined by taking the value of the last time point as the combined value.
endTime float 1 End time for recording simulation values.
intervals int 100 Number of simulation intervals (time points) that are recorded. Depending on the solver, there may be more intervals than this.
outputVariables string ".*" Java regular expression that defines names of variables that are included in the output. This allows to select the variables of interest.
parameterColumn string "" Column name in the parameters input that contains parameter values, or empty string for the second column.
solverMethod string "" Method for solving differential equations. If empty, use the default. For OpenModelica 1.5, legal values are dassl, euler, rungekutta and dassl2. Depending on build, the options inline-euler and inline-rungekutta may be available as well.
startTime float 0 Start time for recording simulation values.
tolerance float 0 Tolerance for the solver. If 0, use the default. Common values are around 1e-6.

Test cases

Test case Parameters IN
case1 properties binaryModel parameters (missing)


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