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Generates DAPI-like grayscale images with random cell nuclei. A list of coordinates is saved for validation purposes. The source of DAPI signal is hand picked cell nuclei from cultured prostate tissue images, acquired with a Zeiss Axioplan2 widefield microscope with a 40x objective.

Version 1.0
Bundle anima
Categories Image Generation
Authors Ville Rantanen (ville.rantanen@helsinki.fi)
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Requires Matlab
Source files component.xml dapigenerate.m cellimages execute.m
Usage Example with default values


Name Type Description
out ImageList A directory with image files.
centers CSV A CSV file with coordinates of the generated nuclei.


Name Type Default Description
height int 600 Height of the images in pixels.
maxCells int 70 Maximum number of cells in the image. If cells do not fit in the image, number may decrease.
minDist int 30 Minimum distance for object centers. use over 40 to ensure no overlaps, use smaller numbers for tougher set for segmentation.
number int 10 Number of images to generate.
test boolean false Set true to return a predefined image (no randomization).
width int 800 Width of the images in pixels.

Test cases

Test case Parameters OUT
case1 properties out centers


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