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Executes a Bash script that generates any output from the given data or other inputs.

This component is a simplified version of BashEvaluate, that does not produce multiple output ports.

Version 1.0
Bundle tools
Categories External
Specialties generic
Authors Ville Rantanen (ville.rantanen@helsinki.fi)
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Requires bash
Source files component.xml quickbash.sh
Usage Example with default values

Type parameters (generics)


Name Type Mandatory Description
in IN or Array<IN> (generic) Optional Generic input for processing. If input is array, use getarraykeys in and getarrayfiles in to read the contents. Keys are automatically exported as $key1 $keyname variables, IF there are under 100 keys. Input folder, and index can be found in $in and $inIndex.
command BashSource Optional Bash script to read.


Name Type Description
out OUT (generic) Use the $out variable to refer to the output. May be folder or file. Output file is not generated by default!


Name Type Default Description
script string "" Value of this parameter will override the command input.

Test cases

Test case Parameters IN
case1_read_var_write_stdout properties in command out

case2_write_optout1 properties in (missing) out

script=echo Header > $out ; ls -1 "$in" >> $out

case5_array_in properties in command out

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