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Creates a visualization for a list of risk ratios and their confidence intervals. Missing values are plotted with gray crosses.

This is a simple example output.

Version 1.0
Bundle microarray
Categories Plot
Authors Marko Laakso (Marko.Laakso@Helsinki.FI)
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Requires R
Source files component.xml RiskRatioPlot.r
Usage Example with default values


Name Type Mandatory Description
in CSV Mandatory Risk ratios and their confidence intervals


Name Type Description
out Latex Latex subsection containing the visualization.


Name Type Default Description
RR string (no default) Name of the risk ratio column
caption string "Visualization of risk rations" Figure caption for the document template.
height float 11 Height of the plot in centimeters.
lCI string (no default) Name of the column that contains the lower limit of the confidence interval
names string "" Name of the column that contains the item names. A numeric labeling of x-axis is used if this parameter is missing.
pageBreak boolean false Use pageclean after the section.
title string "Risk ratios" Main title plot.
uCI string (no default) Name of the column that contains the upper limit of the confidence interval
width float 14 Width of the plot in centimeters
xlabel string "Entries" Label for x-axis in plot.
ylabel string "risk ratio" Label for y-axis in plot.

Test cases

Test case Parameters IN
case1 properties in out

title = Risk ratio example,
RR = aRR,
lCI = aCI_l,
uCI = aCI_u,

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