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Systems Biology Unit (SBU)


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Systems Biology Unit (SBU)

Systems Biology Unit (SBU) provides enabling technologies for genome-scale biological experiments and coordinates the Biocentre Finland bioinformatics technology platform. The SBU services include experimental design, data analysis and visualization of biological data, as well as bioinformatics infrastructure and method development, deployment and training. The SBU collaborates closely with other core facilities, such as the Genome Biology Unit (GBU) that provides genome-wide reagents and technology services.

The SBU has strong expertise in processing data from a number of high-throughput platforms such as gene microarray, exon microarray, SNP microarray, array-CGH, protein microarrays, mass spectrometry, live cell imaging and ChIP-seq. The SBU offers data analysis infrastructure (Anduril) for the research community as well as training for installation and use. Anduril offers a scalable platform for systematic data analysis and integration and is available freely .

The pricing of basic service is 1533 EUR (0% VAT) for orders within the university of Helsinki. For more information on services and pricing please contact