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Simplifies the given graph by merging vertices with an equal set of edges. The vertex compatibility is also confirmed by checking the equality of the given set of attributes. Name of the unified vertex is formed by concatenating the name attributes of its members and by adding the nameDelim between them. Alternatively, nameAsID parameter may be used to replace the unified vertex names with the corresponding group identifiers that are used in joins output.

Before After

This figure illustrates the effect of VertexJoin. The same network has been rendered before and after the joining of the vertices. The structure of the graph has become much simpler after the transformation.

Version 1.4
Bundle tools
Categories Graph
Authors Marko Laakso (Marko.Laakso@Helsinki.FI)
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Requires libxml2-dev (DEB) ; igraph (R-package)
Source files component.xml VertexJoin.r
Usage Example with default values


Name Type Mandatory Description
in GraphML Mandatory Original graph that shall be simplified


Name Type Description
out GraphML Simplified graph
joins SetList Joined vertices and edges


Name Type Default Description
equalEAttr string "arrowhead,color" A comma separated list of edge attributes that has to be identical
equalVAttr string "color,fillcolor,shape" A comma separated list of vertex attributes that has to be identical
idPrefix string "vc" Prefix for the identifiers of the vertex complexes provided in joins output. These prefixes are followed by a consecutive number.
nameAsID boolean false Replace the names of the vertex complexes with the corresponding group identifiers
nameAttr string "label" Name of the vertex label attribute
nameDelim string ",\n" Separator that is used to concatenate names of the vertex complex members

Test cases

Test case Parameters IN
case1 (missing) in out joins
case2 properties in out joins

nameAsID = true,
idPrefix = group

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