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Parent type CSV
Child types SetList IDList
Description Relational-like table that has an entity ID as key. The number of annotation columns depends on the situation. Cells can also contain multiple values, which is needed for Gene Ontology annotations, for instance.
Version 0.5
Presentation type file
File extension csv
Example file example1.csv
Read by ACGHsegment CN2GECollection CNGEIntegrator ClusterAnnotator DEGReport DuplicateQuality ExprMixtureModel GOClustering GOFilter GOSearch GSVDIntegrator GeneCount GeneInfo GeneTable KaplanMeier Logo ModelicaSimulator SNPKaplanMeier SpatialContrast SpatialPlot TreeSplitter
Written by AgilentImport AgilentReader BiomartAnnotator ExprMixtureModel GraphAnnotator IlluminaReader JASPARMotif KorvasieniAnnotator MEMERunner PeakScore RefSNPAnnotator

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