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Parent type AlignedReadSet
Description Binary version of Sequence Alignment/Map format.
Presentation type multifile
Presentation BAM is the compressed binary version of the Sequence Alignment/Map (SAM) format, a compact and index-able representation of nucleotide sequence alignments. Many next-generation sequencing and analysis tools work with SAM/BAM.
File extension bam
Example file alignment1.bam
Read by AligFilterMatches AlignStats BICseq Bam2Counts Bam2Fastq BamCombiner BamReducer BamRegrouper BamReorder BamStats BaseRecalibrator DuplicateMarker GetReads HTSeqCount MethylCall MethylExtract PrepRnaBam RNAVariantCaller Realigner SmallRNAQC SubsetBam UMIQuantifier VariantCaller
Written by Align BSAlign BamCombiner BamReducer BamRegrouper BamReorder BaseRecalibrator BismarkAlign DuplicateMarker FusionMap PrepRnaBam Realigner Star2Pass SubsetBam UMIQuantifier

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