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Parent type BinaryFolder
Description List of CSV files. The CSV files are different from the CSV datatype in that they are not required to be rectangular, i.e. different lines may contain different number of columns. CSVList is intended mainly for creating end-user reports.
Presentation type directory
Presentation Each CSV file is like CSV except the files are not required to be rectangular and they do not contain a properties line.
Read by AutoGating CSVListFilter CSVListJoin ClusterChooser ClusterFiltering FlowClustModeling FlowMeans GatingSummary MMClustering MetaClustering OptimalClustering PairWiseClusterPlot SamSpectral Summarise
Written by AutoGating CSVListFilter ClusterChooser ClusterFiltering DiffMeth Excel2CSV Fiji FlowClustModeling FlowMeans GatingSummary GeneTable MMClustering MatlabOp MetaClustering MethFilterNorm OptimalClustering PyClone PyCloneRC SamSpectral Summarise TextureFeatures

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