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Parent type RegionSet
Description Set of DNA regions with annotations. Each region is a contiguous sequence of locations in a chromosome or another polymer. Regions coordinates are specified as chromosome ID, start (leftmost) location, length and strand.
Presentation type file
Presentation CSV file that contains the following columns. Column order is arbitrary, but names must be used as given below.
  • ID: string that uniquely identifies the region. If possible, the ID should be globally unique across region sets in the whole experiment.
  • Chromosome: String that identifies the chromosome or another sequence such as a contig. The identifier should map to some sequence identifier space, such as Ensembl chromosome names or RefSeq NC_* identifiers.
  • Start: The left-most position of the region (max. 64 bits). Indexing starts at 0 and the start location is inclusive.
  • Length: Length of region (max. 64 bits). Zero is a valid length.
  • Strand: Strand of region; 1 for forward strand and -1 for reverse strand. NA indicates not known or not relevant.
  • Score (optional): Numeric value that binds a real number to the region. This is the primary numeric value; optional annotations can contain additional numeric data.
  • Any other columns can be used to store additional annotation.
File extension csv
Example file region1.csv
Example file region2.csv
Read by RegionTransformer
Written by RegionTransformer

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