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Parent type SequenceSet
Description Sequence file
Presentation type multifile
Presentation This file consists of sequences separated by lines starting with >.
File extension fasta
Example file example1.fasta
Read by Align AlignStats AssemblyQuality BSAlign BamReducer BamReorder BamStats BaseRecalibrator Blast Cuffdiff Cufflinks ExpressionQuantifier FASTA2CSV MEMERunner MethylCall MotifMatch NovelMirnas PrepRnaBam QCFasta RNAVariantCaller Realigner ReferenceIndexer SequenceFilter Trimmomatic VariantCaller VariantCombiner VariantLiftover VariantRecalibrator VariantSelector VariantValidator
Written by CSV2FASTA EnsemblDNA ExonToPeptide GetUtrSeq ReferenceIndexer SGA SequenceFilter

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