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Parent type SequenceSet
Child types FASTQZ
Description Unaligned short reads with base pair quality information.
Presentation type file
Presentation The text-based FASTQ format is used for storing a biological sequence and its corresponding quality values. Both the sequence letter and quality score are encoded with a single ASCII character. It is an extension of the FASTA format, which lacks base quality score values, and is used extensively for storing the output of high throughput sequencing instruments. Every "read" in a file is usually accompanied with an appropriate ID, pair value (1/2 for paired-end) and instrument information such as a unique machine name and run values (ID, lane values, cluster coordinates, sequence length etc.).
File extension fq
Example file reads1.fq
Read by Align FastQC FastQScreen FusionVisualizer QCFasta SmallRNAPrep SmallRNAQC Trimmomatic
Written by Bam2Fastq QCFasta Sam2Fastq SmallRNAPrep TrimGalore Trimmomatic

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