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Parent type Matrix
Description Numeric matrix that contains either log ratios (base 2) or channel expression data (in log base 2). Column names and row names are also included. Usually column names are sample (group) names and row names are gene or probe IDs. Type of row names is included, similar to IDList. In fact, the first column of the matrix can be thought as an IDList.
Version 0.7
Presentation type file
Presentation The matrix contains gene names on the first column and numeric values on the rest of the columns. The name of the first column is the ID type. The names of the rest of the columns are sample or sample group IDs.
File extension csv
Example file example1.csv
Example file example2.csv
Read by CN2GECollection DuplicateQuality ExonExpression ExpressionExtremes FoldChange GOClustering GSEAAnalyzer GSVDIntegrator GeneCount GeneInfo GeneTable IlluminaNormalization IlluminaPlot LimmaNormalizer LimmaStat MeapVisualizer SPIA SVDAnalyzer SampleCombiner SampleExpression SigPathway SpatialContrast SpatialPlot
Written by ACGHnorm AffyReader AgilentImport AgilentReader DESeqExpr ExonExpression IlluminaNormalization IlluminaReader LimmaNormalizer MeapQuantification MicroarrayReader SNPArrayReader SPIA SampleCombiner SampleExpression

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