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Parent type CSV
Child types LogMatrix
Description Numeric matrix with column and row names.
Presentation type file
Presentation The first row of the table contains column names and the first column contains row names, and the rest of the matrix contain numeric values. Numbers are written in textual format. The following forms are recognized: "[+-]1", "[+-]1.0", "[+-]1.0e7". Infinities or NaN are not supported. Missing values are supported: missing cells have an 'NA' string. Column separator is \t and line separator in \n. The first row with column names must not be a valid numeric row. This is to prevent interpreting a matrix file with missing column and row names as valid input. The value of the first cell (position 1, 1) is not used, but the cell must be present, i.e. the whole table must also form a rectangular matrix.
File extension csv
Example file example1.csv
Example file example2.csv
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