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Parent type SetList
Description Specifies how samples are combined to form composite sample groups. Each sample group has an ID (column: ID), a list of members or child groups (column: Members) and a type (column: Type). Members can be composite groups as well and they do not have to present in the same SampleGroupTable. The type specifies how numeric values for a composite group can be obtained from child groups. Standard values for type are sample, median, mean and ratio. If the type is ratio, there must be exactly two members and their order is significant: ratio(A, B) = A/B. If the sample group represents an atomic sample with one member, type should be sample. Type can be any other value as well: individual components define which types they understand. Type can be NA if the information is not relevant. In addition to mandatory columns, an optional column Description may be present. It contains free-format human-readable text.
Version 0.6
Presentation type file
File extension csv
Example file example1.csv
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