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Parent type AnnotationTable
Child types SampleGroupTable
Description Contains one set definition per CSV row, where each set is a collection of identifiers. The type has two mandatory columns, ID (set identifier) and Members (comma-separated list of set contents). The empty set is encoded as an empty string in the Members column. NA in the Members column can either be interpreted as an empty set or that information on the set contents is not present; this behaviour is defined by each component. There may be any number of optional annotation columns, which are defined by subtypes of SetList or individual components. Components that transform SetList files are allowed to drop annotation columns, although they should be preserved if possible. For use cases where the set needs to be associated to a sample group (present in a SampleGroupTable), the annotation column should be SampleGroup.
Version 0.5
Presentation type file
File extension csv
Example file example1.csv
Example file example2.csv
Read by DEGReport ExperimentSetup ExprMixtureModel GOFilter GeneTable SetTransformer VennDiagram
Written by CSV2SetList ClusterAnnotator ExpressionExtremes FoldChange GOClustering GOFilter MarkerCorrelations SetTransformer StatisticalTest TreeSplitter VennDiagram VertexJoin

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