Moksiskaan has many dependencies on other programs. Most of these dependencies are implicit as Anduril depends on these programs and Moksiskaan requires Anduril to run. The following list shows what you need in order to run Moksiskaan. Version numbers are based on the version that has been used in testing. Some other versions of these programs might work as well or even better with Moksiskaan.

Data sources

Moksiskaan integrates not only pathway information but also annotations for genes based on results of different analyses. The Cancer Genome Atlas provides an unprecedented amount of raw microarray data for gene, exon and transcript expression, copy number alteration, single nucleotide polymorphisms and methylation analysis. We are in the process of systematically analyzing all datasets deposited at TCGA, and the results of the following analyses are currently integrated in Moksiskaan:

The articles in parenthesis following each data set correspond to the original study for which these data were analyzed.

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