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Documentation for package ‘componentSkeleton’ version 2.0.1

Help Pages

AnnotationTable.get.vector Get a named vector from an AnnotationTable column Read an AnnotationTable object
Array.add Add an element to the array
Array.getFile Get the file associated to the given key or index
Array.getFiles Get the files contained in the array
Array.getKey Get the key associated to the given index Initialize a new Array instance Read the array index file
Array.remove Remove the given key
Array.size Get the size of the array
Array.write Write the array index file
copy.dir Copy Directory
create.lookup Create a hashed lookup from strings to indices Read a CSV file Read a CSV file
CSV.write Write data frame or matrix to CSV file
delegate.defined Tell whether delegate is defined Extract Directory From a Filename
get.delegate.input Get input filename of delegate
get.delegate.output Get output filename of delegate
get.input Get input filename
get.input.array.index Get the array index file
get.metadata Get metadata value
get.output Get output filename
get.output.array.index Get the array index file
get.parameter Get parameter value
get.temp.dir Get temporary directory for a component instance
input.defined Tell whether input file is available
latex.figure LaTeX code for inserting a figure
latex.quote Quote a LaTeX string
latex.table LaTeX code for a floating table
latex.tabular LaTeX code for inserting a tabular environment
latex.write.main Write a LaTeX document to an output port
launch.delegate Launch delegate. Read an LogMatrix matrix from a CSV file
main Component main function Read a matrix from CSV file
png.close Close a PNG file Open a PNG device Add a group to a SampleGroupTable object Find a sample group that is composed of given group IDs
SampleGroupTable.get.description Get description of a group
SampleGroupTable.get.groups Get group IDs of a SampleGroupTable object
SampleGroupTable.get.source.groups Get vector of source group IDs
SampleGroupTable.get.type Get type of given group Create a new emtpy SampleGroupTable object Read a SampleGroupTable object
SampleGroupTable.write Write a SampleGroupTable object
SetList.assign Create or update a set
SetList.get.ids Return the set identifiers of a SetList
SetList.get.members Return the contents of given set Initialize a new SetList instance Read a SetList instance from file
split.trim Split and Trim a String
touch.output Create an empty file for output port
trim Remove heading and trailing whitespace from string
write.delegate.parameter Write an entry into delegate parameter file
write.error Write error message
write.log Write log message