RNA sequence processing, integration, and analysis

SePIA is a comprehensive RNA Sequencing workflow standardizing Processing, Integration, and Analysis of large-scale sequencing data. It provides a systematic, pipeline architecture to manage, individually analyze, and integrate both small-RNA and RNA data. SePIA introduces processes for enhanced and streamlined integrated analysis with a modular design that enables robust customization to a given experiment. Furthermore, the underlying pipeline engine supports optimal usage of computational resources.
For method developers, SePIA's modular design makes it easy to extend the workflow with further downstream analysis. For biologists, it provides the advantage of automatically generated, easy to browse-and-query results and data visualizations.

All functions and components used in the SePIA workflow and available for use are described in Anduril documentation.

SePIA workflow


Please cite us if using SePIA:
Icay, K.; Chen, P.; Cervera, A.; Rantanen, V.; Lehtonen, R.; Hautaniemi, S. SePIA: RNA and smallRNA-sequence processing, integration, and analysis.. BioData Min, 2016, 9, 20.
Systems Biology Laboratory, University of Helsinki.