Anduril workflow platform

Anduril is a workflow platform for analyzing large data sets.

Anduril provides facilities for analyzing high-thoughput data in biomedical research, and the platform is fully extensible by third parties. Ready-made tools support data visualization, DNA/RNA/ChIP-sequencing, DNA/RNA microarrays, cytometry and image analysis.

Workflows are constructed using Scala 2.11 and executed in parallel using a workflow engine optimized for iterative development. External libraries (e.g., R, Python) and command-line tools can be integrated into workflows. Anduril can be deployed locally or in a Linux cluster.

Anduril development began in 2007 and the platform has been used for analyzing several large molecular biology data sets.

Getting started

  1. Install using Docker or natively on Linux
  2. Read User Guide
  3. Create and execute a workflow


Anduril is developed by Systems Biology Laboratory, University of Helsinki, Finland. Anduril 2 (current version) is available under the BSD 2-clause license. Anduril 1 (legacy version) is available under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL 2).


Please cite this publication when you use Anduril 2.x.

Please cite this publication when you use Anduril 1.x.