Anduril works on Linux. The easiest way to get started is using Docker. Alternatively, you can install natively.

More detailed installation instructions: User Guide.


docker run -ti --rm anduril/anduril anduril -h

This prints the help message of the Anduril command line tool. Next step: Hello world.

Native installation: Ubuntu

Install time: 30-60 min

sudo apt-get install ant mercurial git default-jdk python r-base-dev
export ANDURIL_HOME=~/anduril
git clone --branch stable "$ANDURIL_HOME"
anduril build
anduril install tools

Native installation: Other Linux

Replace the sudo apt-get install command above with commands that install the following mandatory dependencies:

Additional bundles

After a basic installation, you may want to install additional bundles using anduril install BUNDLE-NAME.

Bundle name Purpose
anima Image analysis
flowand Cytometry analysis
microarray DNA/RNA microarray analysis
sequencing DNA/RNA sequencing analysis (NGS)
tools Commonly used tools. Already installed above.