Basic components

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Component Bundle Description
ArrayExtractor builtin Extract files from an array
Array2Folder builtin Convert an Anduril array into a folder
Folder2Array builtin Convert a folder into an Anduril array
INPUT builtin Import a local data file to workflow
OUTPUT builtin Export a workflow result file to output/
StringInput builtin Import contents of a string as a file
URLInput builtin Import a remote data file to workflow

Input & output

All data files need to be explicitly imported to workflows. Usually this is done using INPUT. StringInput is useful when a component takes a text file as input, and the contents of that file can succintly be written inline in the Scala code.

OUTPUT helps locating the most important result files by copying them to the output/ folder in the execution folder.

See Organizing workflows for common patterns of using INPUT and OUTPUT.

Folder/array conversion

Anduril arrays are structurally close to regular folders, and two-way conversions between them are available. Folder2Array is useful to import a folder of data files into an array, and Array2Folder can export an array for an external program that takes a folder as an input.