CSV/TSV processing

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Component Bundle Description
CSV2Excel tools Export a CSV file to Excel
CSVCleaner tools Convert between CSV formats
CSVFilter tools Filter rows and columns; rename columns
CSVJoin tools Join CSV files using a key column
CSVListJoin tools Append CSV files without using keys
CSVSort tools Sort CSV file
CSVSplit tools Partition a CSV file into a CSV array
CSVTransformer tools Transform CSV file using an R expression
Excel2CSV tools Import a CSV file from Excel
PythonEvaluate tools Process CSV file using streaming
ScalaEvaluate tools Process CSV file using streaming (high performance)
TableQuery tools Invoke SQL query on CSV files


Anduril has extensive facilities for working with tabulated files. The tools bundle specifies a CSV file with a certain format: fields are delimited by tabs, the first row contains column names, and values are optionally quoted with ".


CSVCleaner can be used to import/export files in different CSV/TSV dialects. CSV2Excel and Excel2CSV provide two-way conversion with Microsoft Excel.

Filtering and transforming

There are multiple components for processing CSV files: some with a limited purpose but simple interface, and some with flexible options but more complex interface. Most flexibility is provided using external scripts.

Simple components: CSVFilter, CSVJoin, CSVListJoin, CSVSort, CSVSplit

Flexible components: CSVTransformer, PythonEvaluate, ScalaEvaluate, TableQuery