9. Log levels

Anduril has three levels of logging. They can be used to display messages in the workflow, but also warnings and errors. In addition, error message also stops the workflow from running.

The loggers are found in package org.anduril.runtime - make sure you import it.


The info() works like println(), but it adds a prefix for the log pager. The prefix allows the log pager to color the output white.

The info() function can print any object, which makes it a good debugging tool.


The warning() function differs from info() only by the color in the log pager. The pager colors it yellow.


The error function, in addition to being colored red in the pager, also throws an exception. It stops the current workflow, and exits with error messages.

The following example shows an example of these functions.

#!/usr/bin/env anduril

import anduril.builtin._
import anduril.tools._
import org.anduril.runtime._

object ErrorHandling {
  var volume = 11

  info(s"Volume selected: $volume")

  volume match {
    case x if x > 10 => {
      // This will stop the workflow. The component instance at the end will not run.
      error("Volume can not go higher than 10")
    case x if x > 8 => {
      warning(s"Volume $volume is dangerously high!")
    case _ => {}

  val setVolume = QuickBash(script=s"echo set volume $volume > out")